3 Punch Street Fight Boxing Combo Attack & Defense

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In this TRITAC Combat MMA Video we’ll show you a 3 Punch Boxing Combo Attack and Defense for street fights, self-defense and MMA.

The street boxing combo is Jab Uppercut Hook. We will show you how to use TRITAC Frames to Defend against the boxing combo, specifically the uppercut.

One of the many questions we get in TRITAC about our Frame Defense is that we are vulnerable to the boxing uppercut. We show you how to use TRTIAC Frame 4 to for the uppercut defense.

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Top 3 Headbutts for Self-Defense – Dirty Fighting Techniques

Learn How to Headbutt with the Top 3 Headbutts for Self-defense and Street Fights. Headbutts are brutal, nasty and fight ending. You smash a dude in the temple, jaw, eye-socket… he’s taking a nap or worse.

Headbutts are an essential skill-set in TRITAC Martial Arts due to it’s effectiveness in close-quarters combat.

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How to Counter Cheap Shot: Slip Counter Punch Drill

Learn how to defend against the cheap shot sucker punch by not being there! In this TRITAC-Unarmed Punch Defense Drill, John Leabo and Mike Simon show you how to defend against the sucker punch with a rear slip and then respond with your counter punching.

This is a great drill to develop the fighting skills to defend against a punch, and also learn how to counter punch.

Use the Rear Slip technique from Boxing, Muay Thai, etc to defend and counter punch with a Jab Cross.

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Self-Defense: Ground & Pound Technique: TRITAC-Unarmed

TRITAC-Unarmed Co-Founder John Leabo goes over the details of fighting in the top BJJ Closed Guard position and using Ground and Pound (MMA) with Hammer Fists, Punches, and Elbows.

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Headbutt KNOCK-OUT Defense – TRITAC-Unarmed Class

The headbutt is a common street fighting knockout. It’s an up-close and personal KO. The headbutt is commonly delivered from a grab or extreme close range combat.

John Leabo from TRITAC-Unarmed teaches his class how to defend against the headbutt knock-out when your opponent has a two-handed grab.

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TRITAC Martial Arts: ORIGINS – Can your art FUNCTION in Combat?

The TRITAC Martial Arts Origin Story – Is your martial arts designed to Function in Reality-Based Combat? Learn about the history and philosophy of Soul Fighters: TRITAC Martial Arts from Co-Founder: John Leabo

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John Leabo highlights: “What is TRITAC Martial Arts?” He reviews the power of “Three” in martial arts; and how it relates no only martial arts training, but self-defense and reality-based combat applications.

TRITAC Origins: How to Train ‘Combat’ Martial Arts

Do you really know how to train combat martial arts or self-defense?

Are you learning by “situational self-defense’ only? Or do you have the ability to move, fight, react and defend yourself with “instinct”?

John Leabo: Co-Founder of Soul Fighters: TRITAC Martial Arts shows you how to train combat martial arts and self-defense like a sport.

Learn how to develop the necessary skills, combat-flows and techniques like a BJJ practitioner, Boxer, Muay Thai or MMA Fighter. Sport Fighters know ‘how to fight’. Take the sport fighting drills, movements, sparring and training principles – and then add in sparring, drills, and techniques to defend against real street fights with multiple attackers, weapons, and the unknown environment.

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TRITAC Origins: Self-Defense Use of Force Continuum

Do you know the self-defense laws in your state? Does your martial arts and self-defense training address the Use of Force Continuum?

Joho Leabo – Co-Founder of TRITAC-Marital Arts goes over the Use of Force Continuum and how it relates to the world of martial arts and self-defense.

For TRITAC Martial Arts, the TRIANGLE is a very important part of our name and ethos. The Use of Force Martial Arts Triangle is:

Soft Force – Avoidance, De-escalation, Control
Physical Force – Defend, Counter, Finish
Deadly Force – Life is in danger, use what you can to survive.

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TRITAC Frame “Flow” – Combat Entry Drill

John Leabo and Mike Simon: Co-Founders of TRITAC Martial Arts show a TRITAC Combat Entry drill showing how you can “flow” between the different Frames in TRITAC Martial Arts. John shows how to Frame Flow from FRAME 1 to FRAME 4 in this self-defense video.

Frames are both defensive and offensive “tools” in the TRITAC Martial Arts Systems.

The TRITAC Frames are used to defend against a variety of attacks such as punches, grabs, kicks, knees, etc; but also used to destroy the attack and respond instinctually and naturally.

The effective use of TRITAC Frames can dramatically change the fight.

TRITAC Frames come from the influence of Keysi Fighting Method. The Keysi Fighting Method or sometimes called KFM was a system of self defense and hand to hand combat.

Keysi Fighting Method was created by Andy Norman and Justo Dieguez. KFM was known close quarters combat techniques and using a double arm cover over its head which was known as The Pensador.

KFM split and Andy Norman Founded Defence Lab, and Justo founded Keysi.

Defence Lab calls their frames: “Defence Lab Shapes”. You will hear Defence Lab reference “Shape-Shifting” compared to TRITAC Frame Flowing.

John Leabo and Mike Simon are both Black Belts in Keysi Fighting Method and Defence Lab.

Together, along with other partners, they formed TRITAC Martial Arts and is offered through Soul Fighters Academy.

You can learn more about these other systems here:

Keysi: https://keysiworld.com
Defence Lab: http://defencelab.com

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Self Defense Elbows & Hammers Strikes – TRITAC-Unarmed Flow

In this TRITAC-Unarmed Flow, Co-Founder John Leabo gives you some fighting techniques to use elbows and hammer strikes for self-defense.

These Self-Defense Techniques in the TRITAC-Unarmed System use Frames and Elbow Strikes to defend and attack in reality-based self-defense situations.

Hammer Strikes for Self-Defense are also a big component in the TRITAC Systems. Hammers strikes techniques are very powerful, also come at weird angles. They are non-traditional methods of reality-combat striking, but are devastating.

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