TRITAC Development Camps For Instructors - TRITAC Martial Arts

Why Attend a TRITAC Development Camp?

Top 5 reasons why you should attend a TRITAC Development Camp for Instructors

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Upcoming Development Camps at TRITAC HQ in Cromwell, CT

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What Are The Benefits?

  • Accerlated & Advanced Training

    Our TRITAC Instructors receive “next-level” training that cannot be matched.  Your development becomes our personal focus.  No other organization can match the commitment we make to ensure you posses the highest level of technical ability and coaching ability. (See Below for Details)

  • TRITAC Instructor TRIBE

    Our TRITAC Instructors are our Brothers.  We are a Warrior TRIBE that work together to forge ourselves into martial arts warriors, business man, and those who Protect and Care for others.   When you become a TRITAC Instructor – you join a Brotherhood who will have your back in training, in business and in life.

  • TRITAC Global Instructor Directory

    Be recognized world wide as a competent, credentialed, professional. Our Global Instructor Directory will be the gold standard for client and colleague referrals. Your name, business and credentials will be showcased along side every TRITAC Instructor. Now, that’s some bad-ass company to be in.

  • Displaying the TRITAC Seal

    Not only will you be listed in the TRITAC Global Instructors Directory but you’re also getting the ability to proudly use the TRITAC seal on your website, marketing materials and resume. When others see the TRITAC Seal they’ll know that you have made the commitment Professional Martial Arts education and constant improvement. The TRITAC seal sets you apart in the industry and gives you credibility no other organization can.

  • Professional & Business Development

    Teaching Martial Arts is more than just having the physical ability.  There are plenty of gifted martial artists out there… how do you separate yourself from the “herd”?  This is where the TRITAC Certification Program excels like no other.  Not only do you receive the highest level of martial arts training, but you will also receive Personal & Business Development Coaching to ensure your success in the Martial Arts Industry.


TRITAC Instructor-In-Training

All TRITAC Instructors start here.  In the Instructor -IN- Training phase you will learn the basic concepts, principles and fundamentals of the TRITAC Martial Arts Systems.  This phase prepares you to start teaching our TRITAC Fundamentals Courses.

Time to FUNDAMENTALS Certification: 3-6 Months

TRITAC Fundamentals Instructor

A TRITAC Fundamentals Instructor has successfully completed the TRITAC Instructor -IN- Training; and is now CERTIFIED to teach the TRITAC Fundamental Course(s).  With the TRITAC Fundamentals Instructor Level, you can now represent yourself as a TRITAC Certified Instructor and earn an income teaching the Fundamental courses.  During this time, you are also working on the Blue Belt Curriculum.  While you are enhancing your Martial Arts Skills; you are also working on your Personal and Business Development.

Time to BLUE-BELT Certification: 6-12 Months

TRITAC Blue-Belt Instructor

A Certified TRITAC Blue-Belt Instructor is a serious Warrior.  Instructors will have a solid grasp on not only the Fundamentals of TRITAC – but now possess and advanced understanding of all aspects of reality-based combat / self-defense.  You will now be able to teach and promote your students up to the Blue Belt Level.  You are now teaching Fundamentals Courses and Ongoing Lessons in the White-Blue Belt Curriculum.

Time to PURPLE-BELT Certification: 6-18 Months

TRITAC Purple-Belt Instructor

This is where your knowledge of Martial Arts, Combat and TRITAC are really evolved.  You now are able to understand and “see more” than the advanced martial artist.  You are beyond just a “Fighting Warrior”.  Fighting is now easy…  You now study and understand Combat Martial Arts on another level.  You are not able to teach and promote up to the Purple Belt Level.  You classes are now growing, your fundamentals classes are packed, and you are now enjoying the rewards of a Professional Martial Artist.

Time to BROWN-BELT Certification: 6-18 Months

TRITAC Brown-Belt Instructor

The TRITAC Rank of Brown Belt Instructor essentially means we are now considering you for the TRITAC Black Belt Rank.  You possess the skill-sets of a Black Belt already.  Your movements, execution, timing and overall understanding of TRITAC is there.  Now is refinement.  You will learn more ‘expert’ movements, and continue to cultivate yourself as a TRITAC Warrior.  You can promote up the the Brown-Belt levels and your students development is now your primary focus.  Your classes are thriving; and you are beginning to explore and expand your knowledge of all TRITAC Martial Arts Systems.

Time to BLACK-BELT Certification: 12-18 Months

TRITAC Black-Belt Instructor

The coveted rank of TRITAC Black Belt Instructor is a special honor that is reserved only for those who not only posses the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Aspects of a TRITAC Warrior; but also posses the dedication to improving those around you.  You are not only a teacher in the classroom, but someone people can aspire to in life.  You are a protector of the common man and women.  You help and inspire your students and community.  It is a special rank that when you achieve it; you know you have done something truly incredible.


TRITAC-Marital Art Programs

Choose a TRITAC-Martial Arts System that compliments your “style” or an area you want to focus on.  All TRITAC Certified Instructors will start with either TRITAC-Unarmed or TRITAC-Jitsu.  TRITAC-Armed is reserved for those who are at least a Blue-Belt Instructor.

Curriculum, Courses & Lessons

This makes learning and teaching TRITAC … easy.  “Done-for-you” lessons and flows that allow you to understand and teach with confidence.  You will get all the Courses, Weekly Lesson Plans, Curriculum w/ Video Breakdowns, Training Library and more… We don’t know what more we can give you!

1-on-1 Coaching & Mentorship

When you learn martial arts, you need a coach.  Someone who can help ensure your progress, mentor you, and help you become the best ‘bad-ass’ martial artist you can be :).  It’s a journey, and we’re here to help you along the way!

Discover and Learn Online

With over 500 Videos are growing… the TRITAC Online Academy, in association with Soul Fighters Academy… is The Ultimate Online Training Experience.  You will receive full-access to the curriculum, lessons, flows, class videos, discovery library, training plans, and much, much more.

PRIVATE Library & Group

Gain access to the LARGEST Martial Arts Video Library and PRIVATE Training Group for Instructors / Advanced Training Members.

Instensive Training Camps

These INTENSE Training Camps (10x a year) are designed to “super-charge” your martial arts.  Work one-on-one with the founders and other instructors to dramatically enhance your martial arts ability.


Which Program Should I Take?

That depends all on you and what you want to learn / develop.

But, we find that TRITAC-Unarmed or TRITAC-Jitsu are the best places to start.

How long does it take to be Certified Instructor?

There are a few different levels of Instructors:

  • Instructor in Training
    • This person is learning and developing their skills while also learning how to teach and transmit information to his/her students
  • Fundamentals Instructor
    • This person is qualified to teach the fundamentals course(s) and displays a solid knowledge of the concepts, movements and system as a whole.
  • Certified Instructor
    • A certified instructor is an instructor who has qualified to teach up to his/her rank.  For example, a purple belt instructor can successfully teach up to the blue belt level
  • Black Belt Certified Instructor
    • A certified instructor who is successfully achieved rank in one of the TRITAC Martial Arts Systems and able to teach and promote his/her students.

Do I need any prior martial arts experience?

Nope!  You will learn and train just like everyone else.

Do I have to teach martial arts or become an instructor?

No, some of the people involved in our instructor program use it to get advanced accelerated training.

Do I need to have my own school to be an instructor?

No you do not, some of our instructors teach privately or in small training groups.  If you are interested in starting a school, we do provide services to assist you.

Will you help me find students to teach?

Yes, when you are ready to start teaching one of our systems we will assist you in marketing your location and building your student base.  We mentor you through this process.