TRITAC Combatives

TRITAC Combatives System (TCS) is our premiere combative martial arts program. TCS is a blend of TRITAC-Unarmed, TRITAC-Jitsu, and Weapons Based Combat.

TCS was originally taught privately to Law Enforcement, SWAT Teams, Military, and Private Security; but now adapted for Civilians.

There 3 levels to the TCS Curriculum that focus on the essential skills for how to fight in a “real” situation where you are forced to defend yourself and protect others against surprise assaults, multiple attackers, brawls, riots, knife attacks and guns.

No-Rules MMA training integrating CQC Striking, Combat Jiu-Jitsu, Ground Combat, Situational Defense and Weapons Combat (defense and use).

TRITAC-Combatives Skill-Sets

Concepts & Movements: The basic concepts, stances, footwork, defenses and drills to develop TRITAC Combative Skills.

CQC Striking: Develop Punches, Hammers, Knees, Elbows, 'TRITAC Frames' with technical breakdowns & drills.

Entries & Takedowns: Learn how to defend, smash & enter into the most powerful combat throws, takedowns and breaks.

Ground Combat: The ground is a consequence... discover how to escape out of the worst positions, while learning simple movements that just work.

Situational Defense: Defend against grabs, unseen attacks, and multiple attackers. When you're caught un-aware, this is how you fight.

Weapons Combat: Defending against weapon-based attacks are part of our reality. Develop the skills to defend against and use a knife and stick.