TRITAC-Unarmed focuses on developing striking-based skill-sets that allow you to defend against a variety of street and sport-based attacks including punches, kicks, knees, elbows, TRITAC Frames, headbutts, etc – and gives you the ability to respond instinctively and naturally with a diverse attacking “arsenal”. TRITAC-Unarmed truly turns your whole body into a weapon. Everything about you becomes a dangerous tool that can finish your opponent(s) at any moment.

Influenced by Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Silat, Keysi Fighting Method, Defence Lab and Filipino Martial Arts (to name a few)…. The TRITAC-Unarmed System was designed to be as instinctive yet efficient as possible; natural, flowing body movements and mechanics that can be made without much thought or planning, while still capitalizing on strength, speed, and accuracy.



If you can’t move – you can’t fight. In TRITAC we focus on the Fundamental Body Mechanics of movement and all around self-defense. This includes your stance, the “fence”, standing footwork and ground movement.


TRITAC focuses first on “protecting yourself”. There is Power in the ability to defend whatever your attacks your opponent may have. Learn to defend against punches, kicks, takedown attempts, surprise attacks and multiple opponent situations.


Your body is a “Swiss Army Knife” – learn to use all the tools you have available to respond and attack, including: Punches, Hammer Strikes, Knees, Kicks, Headbutts; and of course: TRITAC-Frames


TRITAC thrives in Close-Quarters-Combat or in the Chaos Zone. Smash through whatever defenses your opponent has, and enter into close range for additional strikes or use TRITAC-Jitsu Skills.


When in Close-Quarters-Combat the ability to control and manipulate your opponent is an essential grouping of skills. Controls are vital for setting up additional strikes or grappling techniques, but also used to shield against multiple attackers.


When in Close-Quarters-Combat the ability to control and manipulate your opponent is an essential grouping of skills. Controls are vital for setting up additional strikes or grappling techniques, but also used to shield against multiple attackers.



You can’t fight if you can’t move – learn movement, stance, and essential mechanics for fighting.

FIGHTING PLATFORM: Your Fighting Platform includes your various fighting stances, hand positions and one of the most important aspects of TRITAC – the Fence. The fighting platform is your “staging” area. You are not in a fight yet – but will be – or you are in the process of defusing a fight. This is an often overlooked area of many martial arts systems… Develop the skills to be prepared to defend and response from any attack.

FOOTWORK: Footwork, Footwork, Footwork – it is the secret to all martial arts. You may have the best punch in the world – but if you don’t know how to move fluidly and efficiently in a a fight, you will lose.

KNEELING, SEATED, LYING (LEVEL FLOW): Even though TRITAC-Striking focuses on the striking arts – the ability to defend against and attack when you are kneeling, sitting, or lying is equally important. If you are punched while sitting watching a movie – you need the skills to move and respond effectively to keep yourself “fighting”.


Defense First if a strong principle of TRITAC. If you can’t defend against attacks, how can you even fight?

SLIPS & HEAD MOVEMENT: Why block a punch or an attack if you don’t have to?? Slipping and head movement skills as essential for defending against a variety of strikes.

TRITAC FRAME DEFENSE: The TRITAC Frame is one the unique and powerful skill-sets found in the TRITAC System. Influenced by the old Keysi Fighting Method – TRITAC Frames provide you with a solid “Framework” to defend and attack at the same time.

PARRIES & TRAPS: Parries and hand traps are an essential skill-set when learning how to counter-strike effectively and “smashing & entering”. The nullify your opponent’s defense and allow you to counter and flow into your attacking response.

GRAB & CLINCH DEFENSE: Who doesn’t love big-ass hip throws! There’s nothing cooler to pull off than hitting a huge throw that wows your friends and ends the fight. In TRITAC many of our throws come from Japanese Jujitsu along with Sambo / Judo.


Your body is like a “Swiss Army Knife” – full or tools (weapons) that you can use to attack and finish your opponent.

PUNCHES: Our punching skill-sets come directly from the Western Boxing world. Boxing skills are one essential for learning how to throw a proper punch with power and efficiency. You will learn all the types of punches, including combinations to make your punching skills well-rounded and effective in all situations.

HAMMER, CHOPS & SLAPS: Hammer strikes are very powerful devasating strikes. They come at odd angles, hit like a “hammer”, and are very effective in sport and street combatives. The way the hammer strike is deployed is what makes it unique. The “path” they travel can also be used for chops, cuffs, slaps and ridge hand strikes as well.

KICKS & KNEES: In TRITAC Kicks are used as long and medium range weapons to disable opponents, maintaining distance, and to create opportunities for additional strikes. Knee strikes are close-range devastating weapons that easily drop your opponent or setup a finish. Influenced by Muay Thai and Kyokushin Karate, our kicks and knees are delivered with power, and brutal efficiency.

TRITAC-FRAMES & ELBOWS: The TRITAC-Frames are one of the unique components of the TRITAC System. Influenced by Keysi Fighting Method, Muay Thai and Dirty Boxing; they are used to Smash & Enter and destroy your opponents defenses or used to finish the fight.

HEADBUTTS & SHOULDER: Headbutts are very powerful destructive weapons that are used in extreme close quarters combat. They are fight-enders that are extremely hard to defend against. Our Shoulder-attack series are also close range weapons used to create space and setup takedowns & throws.

... LET’S GET DIRTY: Since TRITAC is more that just framework for developing sportive-based skill-sets; it’s also about street combat and survival situations where you must do ALL that you can to fight, defend, protect, and survive. These means “dirty tactics” that quickly change the outcome of a fight or life or death situation.


One of the core components of TRITAC Martial Arts is getting up-close-and-personal. The ability to smash, enter and connect to your opponent is vital for survival against an an opponent with or without a weapon.

BRACE FRAMES: Braced Framing is a high protection “guard” that is both defensive and offensive. They are your base-layer of entering into close quarters combat range to clinch, shield, takedown, and continue to Smash and Bash 🙂

SPLIT FRAMES: Split Frame Entries are elusive and dynamic entries that create openings for elbow clears, clinches, arm controls and back attacks. They are “high-damage” entries that use aggressive elbow strikes and movements to slash, destroy and enter.

HAMMERS & TRAPS: Hammer Strikes create “smashing” entries that give you the power to blast throw your opponents guards and attacks. Hammer strike movements open up lines for traps that give you superior control over your opponent to shield, takedown or finish.

ELBOW CLEARS: Elbow clears are combined with TRITAC Frames are skills used to “clear” arms combined with strikes to enter into different areas of the body. Excellent for moving around the body and connecting to arms & legs.

DRAGS & DUCKS: Skill-sets drawn from Wrestling and Japanese Jujitsu that utilize arm drags, 2 on 1 control entries, and clinch wrestling to enter into close range.

LEG ENTRIES: Enter in on and attack the legs with low-level attacks the provide opportunities for takedowns, body-lock controls and shielding.


Once you've entered, now you have to control your opponent. Develop techniques from Muay Thai, Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu to develop powerful control.

HEAD CLINCH: Clinches that manipulate and control the head, neck, and head & single-arm. These controls setup a variety of fight-ending throws & takedowns; powerful shields that provide high mobility; and setup chokes and cranks to end the fight quickly.

BODY LOCKS: Body-Locks provide control and manipulation of your opponents hips. These high-protection controls provide you simple options for trips and Japanese Jujitsu throws as well the ability to maneuver and shield with your opponent.

BACK CONTROLS: Back Controls are arguably one the best controls to have in a fight – whether on the street or in the cage. They provide opportunities for additional strikes, chokes & cranks, as well as the ideal shield position against multiple opponents.

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