Combat Grappling Pack

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Defend - Smash - Enter - Takedown - Finish - Escape

The goal is simple: not get hit, put your opponent on the control, completely dominate him by position, finish by submission, GNP or control/arrest.

Here's what you will learn:

  • TRITAC Frames, slips, strikes and footwork to enter in and get to control opponents.
  • Takedowns from Japanese Jujitsu, Wrestling, & Sambo to get them them to the ground.
  • Active positional control to hunt for submissions, deal with multiple attackers or control/arrest a violent person.
  • Escapes & counters from the worst positions.
  • Guard fighting for sport, MMA and self-defense; including the "Combative Guard" concept.
  • Submissions and finishes from all positions.  Including ground & pound attack and defense.

Train these skills individually or use them in TRITAC Flows to sharpen your skills and make them instinctual.