Escapes & Counters Pack

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One of the most POWERFUL feelings in combat is when you KNOW that you can get Escape of ANY attempt of control that your opponent has on you.

Getting dominated by a stronger & bigger opponent in side control or smashed in the face from mount or being choked from back control by a tough BJJ athlete is one of the worst feelings ever.

You have absolutely ZERO CONTROL. This is worst case scenario no matter what type of fight you in are in.

BUT - if you just KNOW that you are can 'get out' - then you never have to FEAR being grabbed, smashed, grounded and destroyed by bigger opponents.

That is why, one of the most essential (yet sometimes boring) skills to develop is the ability to defend, counter and escape anything your opponent throws at you.

The best 'escape artists' in the world are MMA & BJJ athletes. Unless you are on their level, it is near impossible to 'keep them down'.

So... If There Is One Jiu-Jitsu Skill That Every Man & Woman Should Know Is...


  • Standing Vs Grounded Escapes: how to defend attacks and get back to your feet when you opponent is standing and you are down.
  • S​Situational Defense: How to deal with grabs, bear hugs and unseen choking attacks
  • ​Side Control Escapes: Escape the dreaded Side Control... learn simple principles & advanced escapes.
  • ​Mount Escapes – The mount is one of the most dominating positions, especially for ground and pound. Learn escapes & counter for sport and street combat.
  • ​Back Control Escapes– Without the ability to get out of any type of back control (grounded or standing) your head and body are exposed for 'extreme damage'. If it's BJJ or MMA, at least you get to tap...
  • ​And More... - Including combat guard principles, guard retention / pass defense & multiple opponent shielding.