Throws & Takedowns Pack

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A Martial Artist Who Has The Capability To Enter Into Grappling Range, Establish Control and Their Opponent Into The Earth ... Is A Powerful Human.

There are whole martial arts and sports dedicated to the art of takedowns. It's one of the most instinctual and nature things for a human to do in combat... Grab their opponent and drive them into the ground.

When you know and understand takedowns, you without a doubt have a strong advantage over your adversary, in sport or life/death combat.

This is why wrestlers have dominated the UFC and other MMA events for years.

Takedowns win fights.

If you have little takedown experience, this pack can help you explore what takedowns are... but if you don't train them, they are essentially worthless to you.

But if you are an experienced martial artist who is looking to improve their takedown game, along with expand their arsenal of takedowns - then the Takedown Pack is definitely for you.


  • Setups & Controls: Establish grips and controls to throw your opponent in gi, no-gi, wrestling and MMA
  • ​Combat Entries: Getting in and establishing control when there are no rules is a vital skill
  • ​Leg Sweeps: Learn leg / foot sweeps, trips and reaps commonly found in Judo or Japanese Ju-Jitsu
  • ​Sacrifice Throws: Take your opponent down with a variety of sacrifice throws
  • ​Sambo-Fusion Throws: A core element of this pack, learn multiple ways to take your opponent off their guard, and off their feet.
  • ​Hip Throws: Learn to toss your opponent with a variety of hip throws influenced from Judo, Japanese Ju-Jitsu, and Sambo
  • ​Aiki-Jitsu Takedowns: Learn takedowns and controls from small joint manipulation and upper-body controls using Modern Aiki-Jitsu / Japanese Ju-Jitsu
  • ​​Takedown Defense: Learn to defend against takedowns and throws for Jiu-Jitsu, MMA and Self-Defense.
  • ​And More... The Pack Grows As You Grow