TRITAC-Jitsu Level 1 Course

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TRITAC-Jitsu Level 1 Course (Blue Belt)

TRITAC-Jitsu is designed to give you the Combat Jiu-Jitsu Skills to fight on the mat, in the Cage or for when you need to truly fight for your life.

It is comprised of techniques and methods from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Jujutsu, Submission Grappling and Wrestling; as well as influences from Sambo and Catch Wrestling.

TRITAC-Jitsu focuses on the modern “no-rules” applications of these arts. As the world of Combat Grappling evolves – TRITAC-Jitsu will provide you the Framework to develop the concepts, skills and “grapp-ability” to fight in any situation.

What's Included In The Level 1 Course: 

Flow Lessons & Curriculum to Develop the skills for stand-up grappling (throws, takedowns, set-ups, etc.) as well as learning how to fight on the ground (combat guard, escapes, submissions, etc.).

  • TRITAC-Jitsu Curriculum / Lessons For Level 1 (White to Blue)
  • Over 150 Training Videos: Instant access to techniques, drills, tips & more
  • Fundamentals to Advanced Training: Get access to the entire Level 1 Curriculum and more.
  • Step-By-Step Flow Lessons: The secret to developing true combative skills... TRITAC Flows
  • TRITAC Training Portal: Get access to the ultimate resource for TRITAC. Courses, Video Library, Q&A, Meet-ups and more!!
  • ​100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If at any point you are unhappy, we will refund you immediately.

TRITAC-Jitsu Level 1 Skill-Sets:

  • Movements & Major Concepts
  • Smashing & Entering
  • Throws & Takedowns
  • Escapes & Counters
  • The Combat Guard
  • Submissions & Finishes
  • Aikijutsu