TRITAC-Unarmed Fundamentals Course

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"Damage By Defense" Striking Course

Develop The 6 Fundamentals TRITAC Flows + 2 Bonus Flows To Make Your Striking Combat Instinctual, Ruthless & Powerful.

Real combat is brutal. There no rules, no referees, and rarely one-on-one. 

In this "Damage By Defense" focused system, you'll train like a MMA fighter who focuses on stand-up combat - yet knows how to deal with multiple attackers, grounded escapes, knife combat and more life/death situations you may face... unarmed. 

The secret is not in the technique, but in the application. By using the TRITAC Flows method, you'll develop not only the technical skills, but also how to make your techniques WORK.

The skills of a MMA veteran, combined with the 'realities' of street combat.


  • TRITAC-Unarmed Curriculum For Level 1 (White to Blue)
  • Over 35 Training Videos: Instant access to techniques, drills, tips & more
  • Fundamentals to Intermediate Training: Get access to the 6 essential fundamentals flows
  • Step-By-Step Flow Lessons: The secret to developing true combative skills... TRITAC Flows
  • TRITAC Training Portal: Get access to the ultimate resource for TRITAC. Courses, Video Library, Q&A, Meet-ups and more!!
  • ​100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If at any point you are unhappy, we will refund you immediately.