TRITAC Weapons Combatives Level 1

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TRITAC Weapons Combatives focuses on giving you the INSTINCTUAL Concepts & Movements to Survive In A Life Or Death Situation ... when weapons are involved.

When a weapon becomes involved in a fight or used as a threat, or meant to do immediate deadly harm - the game changes - there is no game anymore.  

You won't even remember what happens next... 

What is vitally important is that your body and lizard brain have an automatic, instinctual response FIGHT for your survival.

Weapons combat is very serious, this is not "hobby" martial arts.  We breakdown our focus areas into the following:

  • Knife Defense & Combat – learn how to defend against and survive knife attacks using instinctual body mechanics.
  • Stick / Impact Weapons Defense & Combat – defend against and learn how to use impact weapon attacks and/or stick based attacks. Learn essential strikes and drills coming from our TRITAC Unarmed System.
  • Gun (Pistol) Defense – the only time we can defend against a gun is when it is in our range and we can touch it.
  • Flexible Weapons - learn to use belts, EDC Bracelets and other flexible weapons to defend and respond to common attacks.
  • Tactical Flashlight / Pen - integrate instinctual unarmed skills into a tactical flashlight or pen to disable your attacker.
  • Weapons Opportunity – defend the skills to use phones, backpacks and other weapons.