W3 Flow Overview: TRITAC-Jitsu Lesson Preview

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W3 is one of the most effective white belt entrances for TRITAC-Jitsu. In this weeks lesson series, you will work on developing the tools to “smash and enter” using Frame 1, and then setup an overhook control. This combination is called “W3”.

Some of the TRITAC-Jitsu throws and takedowns we will work on will be Osoto Gari, Knee-Knock to Ouchi Gari, and Ippon Seo Nage.

TRITAC-Jitsu Lesson Preview Video Breakdown:

00:00 – W3 Overview
00:21 – Haymaker Punch Defense to throws & takedowns
00:54 – Advanced applications of the W3 Entrance
01:20 – Importance of a strong entrance for Combat Jiu-Jitsu / Self-Defense
01:52 – Closing the range with strength, agressive, entering in response
02:45 – Drills to develop the W3 entrance using focus mitts using basic stances
03:30 – Advanced mitt drills to develop the W3 Entrance using slipping and strikes to enter in with the W3 Entrance
04:18 – Why train with MMA Gloves to develop skills to for Throws and takedown applications of the W3 Entrance
04:55 – W3 to Knee Knock to Ouchi Gari Review to Guard passing or to foot locks
05:28 – W3 to Osoto Gari review
05:40 – W3 to Ippon Seo Nage review

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