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Looking to just check out some of what we do for free?  Check out our FREE TRITAC Intro Course and get access to our INVITE Only Training Network.  This is a great opportunity for you the “See What We do”, and decide if you want to continue discovering TRITAC Martial Arts.

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Ready to start exploring and learning more TRITAC?  Our Fundamentals Courses will be your next step.  The Fundamentals Courses are designed to give you the Basic Movements, Techniques and Skills in TRITAC – as well as helping you discover new techniques and concepts.

Fundamentals Courses
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Online Academy

Develop Your Own Instinctual Fighting Ability with the TRITAC Online Academy.  The TRITAC Academy gives you the power and ability to learn, train and progress is TRITAC Martial Arts.  Ongoing Lessons, training guides, video libraries and more to learn the Framework & Methods of TRITAC to Discover Your Instinct.

Online Academy
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TRITAC-Striking: Fundamentals Flow Course

(Formally TRITAC-Unarmed)

Course Overview

Learn the fundamental: concepts, movements, defenses, and counter-attacks in the TRITAC-Unarmed System.  Train and learn by developing 6+ Fundamental Flows.  Over 35 videos and over 1.5 hours of lesson videos.

Learn By TRITAC-Flow

TRITAC-Flows are the “secret” to learning how to move, react, and fight with instinctual power.

The Fundamentals Course contains the fundamental movements, techniques, and skill-sets to develop in TRITAC-UNARMED.  These Flows give you the ability to develop quickly and naturally.

35+ Training Videos

We throw EVERYTHING at you. Flow lessons, training drills, class videos, technical breakdowns, instructor training videos and MORE.

We’ve said it before… but seriously:
It would be IMPOSSIBLE NOT to learn from this course.

PRIVATE Training Community

Real learning requires support from instructors and fellow students. What makes TRITAC different, is that we’re here for you! We want to make sure that you’re learning and developing the right way.

What You Will Learn

  • Flow 1: Foundation Flow

    Flow 1 is an essential series that focuses on straight punching, framing and entering and clinching and counter clinching… and finishing off with some brutal knees,

  • Flow 2: Head Movement Flow

    The 2nd TRITAC-Flow focuses on using head movement to evade and counter.  We’ll also introduce the use of the Internal Hammer and using our Frame to destroy incoming knees.

  • Flow 3: Elbow Frame Flow

    Flow 3 is all about defending, entering, and smashing with Frame 1… and then we’ll add in a vicious internal hammer strike to finish them off.

  • Flow 4: Multiple Attackers Flow

    Flow 4 is a really dynamic flow uses some really effective striking defense concepts such as “the hack”. We’ll also introduce Multiple Opponents and how to “Take Out” two attackers with one move.

  • Flow 5: It’s a Fight!

    Flow 5 is “a fight”. You punch, he evades, he counters, you defend and enter and take his head off… This was so effective that even with headgear, elbow pads, gloves and mouth piece… our SFA Team Members John & Mike where getting beat up. Sick flow.

  • Flow 6: Grab-Defense Flows

    Our grab flows are based off when an opponent grabs you with one or two hands. His objective is to pull you in to headbutt, knee, elbow, punch, etc. His aggressive action dictates your response. In these Flows, you’ll learn how to defend against the grab and use his aggressive to enter in with Frame one to SMASH.. and then smash more 🙂


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TRITAC-Grappling: Fundamentals Flow Course

Course Overview

Discover the Fundamentals of Grappling Jiu-Jitsu with the TRITAC-Grappling Flow Course.  You will learn instinctual Entrances to defend (and attack) against a variety of different responses.  The power of Grappling lies in the entries and disruption of your opponents “structure”.  This course will show you how to do enter, smash, disrupt, takedown and finish.

In-Depth Flow Lessons

The flow lessons breakdown down each individual component on the flow. Since this is Combat, not sport – we start with a defense against a punch, grab or preemptive response. From the attack we teach you how to Defend, Smash & Enter with Power, and take them to the ground…. and finish.

40+ Training Videos

We leave no question unanswered… You’ll receive an insane amount of videos to help you develop your skills, understand the concepts and turn you into a TRITAC-Jitsu Warrior.

PRIVATE Training Community

Real learning requires support from instructors and fellow students. What makes TRITAC different, is that we’re here for you! We want to make sure that you’re learning and developing the right way.

What You Will Learn

  • Flow 1: W3 - Osoto Gari

    The first flow teaches your how to defend against a sucker punch or wide punch, and then enter in with Frame 1 to an Overhook Control.  This is called W3.  You will also learn the Osoto Gari takedown, and ground & pound finish.  You will also learn how to escape off the ground when grounded and your opponent is over you.

  • Flow 2: W3 - Knee Knock - Ouchi Gari

    The 2nd TRITAC-Jitsu Flow focuses on the same W3 Entrance against a punch, but now learning to attack your opponents structure and legs with the Knee Knock to Ouchi Gari.

  • Flow 3: W4 - Head Push Takedown

    The 3rd Flow Lesson goes over the Head Push Takedown from our W4 Entrance.  W4 is a punch defense entrance that gives you the underhook reference point. This is a simple, easy, VERY effective takedown that works from a variety of situations.

  • Flow 4: W4 - Straight Armlock

    The next lesson works off the same entrance: W4; which uses our Frame 1 defense to an underhook control to setup a straight armlock.  This armlock can be used to control your opponent, transition to another series, or snap his arm like a twig.  His response dictates your action.

  • Flow 5: W5 - Tani Otoshi

    The 5th Flow lesson teaches you how to take the back of your opponent and use a simple rear leg trip throw to put them down and into the mount position.  The W5 Entrance is similar to W3 and W4, yet now you are dropping your level and attacking the back.

  • Flow 6: C-Grip Throat Attack to Osoto Gari

    This is an adaptation of W3 – Osoto Gari using a C-Grip Throat attack to move their body and head offline to take them down with Osoto Gari.  This is a great flow for smaller people of when you need to raise your level of escalation due to an overly aggressive attacker or your life is in danger.


    Get the Course to check them out!

TRITAC: Online Academy

Discover YOUR Instinctual Fighting Ability

TRITAC Gives You the Framework & Methodology to Develop Your Instinctual Fighting Ability

Develop Your Instinctual Fighting Ability based upon how you fight naturally. Discover a NEW way to Learn, Develop, Train and Experience Martial Arts.

Not only will you “Learn How to Fight” – but you’ll “Develop Yourself” -and- Unlock Your Potential as a Martial Artist with REAL Combat Martial Arts Training.

What You Will Learn


    If you can’t move, you can’t fight. Understanding footwork, body mechanics, and Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals is vital for success.


    Learn to “smash & enter” from a variety of attacks to enter into close-quarters combat range to setup controls, takedowns, throws and finishers (breaks, chokes, etc.).


    In TRITAC-Jitsu we focus on developing and using our most devastating weapons: elbows… lots of elbows, knees, headbutts, hammer fists, kicks and more. Develop the ability to use your whole body as a weapon.


    Learn throws and takedowns from Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Wrestling to takedown opponents from “entrances” utilized in TRITAC Systems


    Learn to control, submit, break, choke, KO… from any position. You will develop the power of control over your opponent and yourself.


    Self-Defense is such an overly use word. When you learn to FIGHT – self-defense is only a piece of the puzzle. You’ll learn “self-defense” easily. It’ll just HAPPEN. Basic Jiu-Jitsu IS Defense. We show you how to escape from the worst positions, situations and how to defend yourself and loved ones. It’s just ” Combat Jiu-Jitsu”.


    Learn to defend yourself on the ground using TRITAC principles with Jiu-Jitsu controls & escapes.


    Learn how to reverse positions on the ground to end-up superior position. Fight-Enders: learn submission holds, joint locks, chokes and more.


    Learn the brutally effective Ground & Pound techniques from UFC Fighters and TRITAC-Unarmed


    TRITAC-JITSU has roots in Japanese Ju-Jitsu, which is known for the highly-effective approach to small-joint manipulation. You will learn how to manipulate, control, restrain and break your opponent’s body using art of Aikijutsu and the TRITAC Systems.

What do people think of TRITAC?

TRITAC training is more then a fighting style, it’s a realistic mindset. It allows a person to train their body and mind transforming him/her into a more confident and aware individual. The style is both realistic and animalistic, just like the streets. Being a student, I am better able to protect myself, my family, and the public. It is another tool that I have added to my arsenal.

Michael B.Federal Agent, Department of Homeland Security

As a police officer I take my training seriously. For me its a matter of life and death. Having studied almost every martial art available, I found most were missing something. They lack realism. They lack multiple threat engagements. They lack true effectiveness. Training at the TRITAC is the answer for these concerns. Training is dynamic, aggressive and is 100% street effective. John Leabo has given me the skill, knowledge and confidence to survive the streets night after night.  I believe in John’s teachings and methodologies of urban survival. He is a modern day “Doctore,” a trainer of gladiators.

Peter B.Sergeant, New Jersey Police

Having always been interested in taking up a Martial Art, I started training at the TRITAC with very little experience. Now almost seven months in, I have to say I could not be happier with my choice. John Leabo, Matt Bryers, and the TRITAC Team are fantastic Instructors with incredible enthusiasm, patience and skill. They are very good at what they do and even better at Instructing.

Dan P.New York City Police Officer

The TRITAC Martial Arts Systems are just cool!  I have lost over 25lbs just training, but most importantly I have gained confidence in my ability to defend myself, my wife and my son.  Its also just a lot of fun to train and learn!  I have tried other martial arts before, but never saw anything this effective before.  I’m now actually looking at becoming an instructor.

Justin D.TRITAC-Jitsu Student

I’ve been training online in TRITAC-Jitsu for a few months now and I must say I’m really impressed.  I’ve been doing martial arts for over 10 years and I’ve never seen a system this comprehensive.  It’s literally impossible not to learn by all the resources they have put available.  My only suggestion is try to get a training partner or training dummy.

David H.TRITAC-Jitsu / TRITAC-Unarmed Student
Your site/products offer not only invaluable knowledge but also gives a new meaning to “value-for-money”. What all of you have put together is fantastic. The genuineness of your program has got me excited.
AbhijitOnline Student

FREE TRITAC Intro Course

x3 TRITAC-Martial Arts Lessons

TRITAC Flow Lessons that will not only show you “how”, but also give you concepts, principles AND techniques to fight in the Cage, in the Street, and to Survive.

  • TRITAC-Martial Arts Concepts & Principles – Don’t just learn “how”, learn WHY.
  • TRITAC-Striking – Begin the develop the striking defense and attack techniques for self-defense and MMA.
  • TRITAC-Grappling – Discover the Power of Grappling for MMA, Grappling and Street Combat
  • PLUS x2 BONUS Lessons