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Our Goal Is To Empower TRITAC Members With The Skills And Confidence To KNOW That No Matter What Situation You Are In … You’re Going Home Tonight, They Are Not.

At its core – TRITAC is a framework and methodology for studying the Combat Martial Arts.

It is a system of curriculum(s), techniques, drills, and methods designed for experienced martial artists to enhance their combative skills.

TRITAC training is NOT for beginners.   If you have NO experience in marital arts, military combatives, wrestling, boxing, etc – then we recommend you spend at least 1-2 years training at a local academy first – or Find A TRITAC Location.

TRITAC is a combat philosophy & methodology that emphasizes natural body movements and mechanics over prescribed responses to scripted attacks. TRITAC is designed to be as instinctive as possible so you don’t have to recall complicated series of movements when you have to defend yourself.

During training, you will focus on developing:  “combat flow”. You will learn how to easily flow from technique to technique, based upon the response of your opponent.

You will develop a combat-instinct that allows you to execute without thought or hesitation. The process makes is easy for you to develop a true fighting ability.


    We believe the ability to defend yourself and protect others is a “responsibility” of a man.  This means addressing common street violence where surprise attacks, multiple opponents, and weapons-base attacks are common.

    In TRITAC you will explore and train “real street violence” like you train for sport.  You will develop combative skills that apply to common street attacks, multiple opponents, weapons attacks and the chaos of real combat.


    The sport world of Grappling (Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Sambo, etc) and MMA have revolutionized “what works” in a real fight.  We train sport, to enhance our skills for reality.

    At it’s core – TRITAC is designed to teach you to fight anywhere – we teach a highly modern grappling and MMA system that teaches you the skills to fight on the mats, in the cage, or on the street.


    Dealing with life and death street violence is unfortunately a reality in our world.  In TRITAC, we addresses what most Martial Art styles don’t or can’t:
    “Can you deal with an Armed Criminal, Drugged-up Psychotic, or Armed Terrorist and Survive”?

    When your life or the ones you care about are on the line – learn to not only use your body as a weapon, but you will learn how to fight with impact weapons, knives and handguns.  (Note: TRITAC Survival training is only available by application)


TRITAC-Jitsu is a Modern Sport & Street Grappling System that focuses on 4 grappling-based skill-sets: throws & takedowns, escapes & counters, combat guard and submission fighting.

It is influenced by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Wrestling. Founder(s) have black belts in BJJ and Japanese Jujitsu, as well as strong experience in submission wrestling and MMA.

Training focuses on the “flow of combat” – which is essential in the grappling arts,  The integration and blend Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling creates a unique and highly effective grappling system that grows, evolves and lives within those who train it.

TRITAC-Unarmed System

TRITAC-Unarmed focuses on developing street combat skill-sets that allow you to defend against a variety of attacks including punches, kicks, knees, elbows, etc – and gives you the ability to respond instinctively and naturally with a diverse attacking “arsenal”.  TRITAC-Unarmed truly turns your whole body into a weapon.  Everything about you becomes a dangerous tool that can finish your opponent(s) at any moment.

Influenced by Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Silat, Keysi Fighting Method, Defence Lab and Filipino Martial Arts (to name a few), the TRITAC-Unarmed System was designed to be as instinctive yet efficient as possible; natural, flowing body movements and mechanics that can be made without much thought or planning, while still capitalizing on strength, speed, and accuracy.

TRITAC-Combatives System

TRITAC Combatives (TCS) is our premiere combative martial arts program.  TCS is a blend of TRITAC-Unarmed, TRITAC-Jitsu, and Weapons Based Self-Defense.

TCS was originally taught privately to Law Enforcement, SWAT Teams, Military, and Private Security.  We have adapted the program to include civilian training, as well as certification.

There 4 levels to the TCS Curriculum that focus on the essential skills for how to fight in a “real” situation where you are forced to defend yourself and protect others against surprise assaults, multiple attacks, brawls, riots, knife attacks and guns.

Weapons training (defense and use) is included in our TRITAC Combatives training.

At this time, we are only offering Instructor Certification in our TRITAC Combatives Program

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