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Training Framework For MARTIAL ARTS Skill Development
TRITAC Is A Framework For Developing The Combative Skills, Confidence and Power to Fight For Your Life.

Confidence in martial arts isn't earned by GETTING a belt, throwing FANCY kickS or HAVING A GOOD BJJ GUARD.

True confidence is built from knowing that you have the technical ability, confidence and power to FIGHT... AND WIN (GO HOME)... NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATIOn.

TRITAC is not a martial arts style BUT RATHER a framework of concepts, movements, techniques, and flows (drills) that give YOU the ability to focus on specific gaps in YOUR fighting game, or explore AND enhance YOUR existing combat skills.
Combat is in our nature. It's part of being a human. As individuals, we all have our own natural expression of combat aka our instincts. 

The way you fight, won't be exactly the same way I fight. We may share techniques in our arsenal, but no two humans share the same 'combat arsenal'.

A true fighting system is a play-book that is expressed by the individual.

When thinking about no-rules, survival-based combat, the only thing we can do is train to be prepared for any situation, any attack, and to remove 'holes' in our fighting game.  

One style does not have the answer. A style is an idea, a concept that you can use to fight. It should never be a rule-book for fighting, only a concept that might for you.
"If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them."
- Bruce Lee
TRITAC-Unarmed focuses on developing street combat skill-sets that allow you to defend against a variety of attacks including punches, kicks, knees, elbows, etc – and gives you the ability to respond instinctively and naturally with a diverse attacking “arsenal”. 

Influenced by Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Silat, Keysi Fighting Method, Defence Lab and Filipino Martial Arts (to name a few), the TRITAC-Unarmed System was designed to be as instinctive yet efficient as possible; natural, flowing body movements and mechanics that can be made without much thought or planning, while still capitalizing on strength, speed, and accuracy.
TRITAC-Jitsu is designed to give you the Combat Grappling Skills to fight on the mat, in the Cage or Tournament, and in Reality-Based Self-Defense situations.

It is comprised of techniques and methods from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Wrestling. TRITAC-Jitsu focuses on the modern “no-rules” applications of these arts.

As the world of Combat Grappling evolves – TRITAC-Jitsu will provide you the Framework to develop the concepts, skills and “grapp-ability” to fight in any situation.
TRITAC Combatives System (TCS) is our premiere combative martial arts program. TCS is a blend of TRITAC-Unarmed, TRITAC-Jitsu, and Weapons Based Combat.  

TCS was originally taught privately to Law Enforcement, SWAT Teams, Military, and Private Security; but now adapted for Civilians.

There 3 levels to the TCS Curriculum that focus on the essential skills for how to fight in a “real” situation where you are forced to defend yourself and protect others against surprise assaults, multiple attackers, brawls, riots, knife attacks and guns.
Learn the fundamental concepts, movements, defenses, and counter-attacks in the TRITAC-Unarmed System. Train and learn by developing 6+ Fundamental Flows. Over 45 videos and over 1.5 hours of lesson videos.
Develop the skills to defend and respond against a variety of attacks - focusing on 'smashing & entering', taking your opponent down with trips & throws, and finishing with controls, breaks or ground & pound. 
A complete framework for combat skill development. Striking, Grappling, Ground Combat, Situational Defense, and Weapons Combat.  Over 8 hours and 200+ Techniques, Drills & tips
Reserve Your TRITAC Combat Fit Classes, Hosted Locally In Cromwell, Connecticut
Strength & Performance Training Classes, Hosted Locally In Cromwell, Connecticut
Are you a natural leader? Passionate about learning and sharing TRITAC?  Thinking about becoming a professional martial artist?

The Tribe program is for those who are looking to train themselves, while teaching others and help further develop TRITAC.  It is a step into the world of training and teaching martial arts professionally. 

Perfect for those who have martial arts experience and  train with small groups in garages, gyms, etc.  
Our certification program is only for the select few; and not everyone is accepted. 

You must posses at least 3 years of martial arts experience, well-versed in TRITAC methods, able to travel and/or host a seminar at least once a year and be of sound character.

The Certification program is for perfect for martial arts professionals who are currently teaching professionally and looking to expand their offering for their students.
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What People Are Saying About TRITAC
"I wholeheartedly wish there was a martial arts academy like what you guys are doing in the area I live in"
"Listen I'm just going to say this to everybody at TRITAC! With the scientific striking and take down strategy with your jiu-jitsu approach what you guys are doing in my opinion is absolutely awesome! I wholeheartedly wish there was a martial arts academy like what you guys are doing in the area I live in. And you guys look like you're having a lot of fun too. The training is more modern it seems but with a nasty Edge to it and all around scientific I do appreciate it maybe one of these days I can come out for a seminar. Keep up the good work! I've been subscribed to your courses for about 6 months now and I am never let down by any of the training!!"

William B.
"The TRITAC Team are fantastic Instructors with incredible enthusiasm, patience and skill"
"Having always been interested in taking up a Martial Art, I started training TRITAC with very little experience. Now almost seven months in, I have to say I could not be happier with my choice. John Leabo, Matt Bryers, and the TRITAC Team are fantastic Instructors with incredible enthusiasm, patience and skill. They are very good at what they do and even better at Instructing."

Michael P.
New York City Police Officer
"The style is both realistic and animalistic, just like the streets"
"TRITAC training is more than a fighting style, it’s a realistic mindset. It allows a person to train their body and mind transforming him/her into a more confident and aware individual. The style is both realistic and animalistic, just like the streets. Being a student, I am better able to protect myself, my family, and the public. It is another tool that I have added to my arsenal."

Michael B.
Federal Agent, Department of Homeland Security
"I’ve never seen a system this comprehensive"
"I’ve been training online in TRITAC-Combatives for a few months now and I must say I’m really impressed. I’ve been doing martial arts for over 10 years and I’ve never seen a system this comprehensive. It’s literally impossible not to learn by all the resources they have put available."

David H.
TRITAC Combatives Student
"Training is dynamic, aggressive and is 100% street effective"
"As a police officer I take my training seriously. For me its a matter of life and death. Having studied almost every martial art available, I found most were missing something. They lack realism. They lack multiple threat engagements. They lack true effectiveness. TRITAC is the answer for these concerns. Training is dynamic, aggressive and is 100% street effective. John Leabo has given me the skill, knowledge and confidence to survive the streets night after night. I believe in John’s teachings and methodologies of urban survival. He is a modern day 'Doctore,' a trainer of gladiators."

Peter B.
Sergeant, New Jersey Police
"I've gained confidence in my ability to defend myself, my wife and my son"
"The TRITAC Martial Arts Systems are just cool! I have lost over 25lbs just training, but most importantly I have gained confidence in my ability to defend myself, my wife and my son. It's also just a lot of fun to train and learn! I have tried other martial arts before, but never saw anything this effective."

Justin D.
TRITAC-Jitsu Student
Thank You Checking TRITAC Out!
Begin Learning A Blend of TRITAC-Unarmed, TRITAC-Jitsu with Weapons Combat To Develop The 'Combat-Ready' Skills To Fight In Any Situation.