Self: Preservation & Cultivation through Combat Martial Arts


“When seconds count” – the Police are minutes away…

Protecting oneself and ones family, is “every man’s personal responsibility”!!!

If not you, then who?

TRITAC Martial Arts was designed for the sole purpose of  “dealing with life and death street violence”.

It addresses what most Martial Art styles don’t or can’t:

“Can I deal with an Armed Criminal, Armed Psychotic, or Armed Terrorist and Survive”?


TRITAC (short for TRI TACTICAL) is the seamless integration of Knife, Handgun and Empty Handed Fighting Skills rolled up into one Modern Day Martial Art designed for today’s American Streets.

This is a No-Nonsense Martial Art designed for Men & Woman, who are looking for realistic personal protection to keep themselves and their families safe.  (Note: We reserve the right to reject training to anyone who is unstable mentally or of questionable character.)

All Training is dictated by the “Legal Use of Force Continuum” within the legalities of “the New York State Penal Law”.

(Note: The Program can be adjusted to the laws of anyone’s area).

Only weapons that you are able to “legally carry concealed” are used in this program (No swords, No spears, No AK 47’s, etc). We only train in, and become extremely skilled with, what you will have on your person when you are on the street!


TRITAC was created in 2015 by lifelong Martial Artist & Former NYC Cop John Leabo and Mike Simon. Born and raised in New York City, their approach to Martial Arts has always been on “what can work in the street against real street violence”.

With a combined 30 plus years in the Martial Arts of training teaching with some of the finest Martial Artists in the World, they realized there was a “MAJOR GAP” between Sport/Traditional Martial Arts training, Firearms training, Knife training and how people are really murdered in the street.

“Gun guys are good with Firearms, Knife guys are good with Knives, and Martial Artists are good with Empty Handed Techniques, but no one had a program that integrated all three together in a realistic, legitimate, scientific, & systematic fashion. This is why we developed the TRITAC Program” -John Leabo & Mike Simon

Today for Martial Arts to continue to survive and stay realistic, they must become “MODERNIZED” and include the use and defense of the Firearms, along with the use and defense of  Knives, as well as Empty Hand training. If not modernized they will become less and less effective and die like the fate of the dinosaurs who did not evolve with the times.Can you imagine using a computer today that was made 30 years ago ?

TRITAC is a Martial Art that can deal with “Any Level of Violence” that you may find yourself in.


  • How to fight Empty Handed, with a Knife, with a Gun, and flow seamlessly with all three as one ART.
  • How to slide up and down the Use of Force Continuum with the appropriate weapon & legal response.
  • How to get the appropriate weapon out and in play under the stress of a real situation.
  • How to use the appropriate weapon “with Skill and Science” while under Stress.
  • How to use the appropriate weapon in all areas of Combat- standing, kneeling, sitting and groundwork.
  • How to use the appropriate weapon against people who are bigger, stronger and faster then you (technique/science).
  • How to use the appropriate weapon against multiple opponents (multiple opponent tactics starting from day 1).
  • How to use the appropriate weapon in various scenarios- Home, Car, Street. et.
  • Preparation- what to do before something happens (are you really ready?
  • Post Incident Management- What to do Medically, Legally and Civilly after a violent altercation happens.

This an ALL encompassing Martial Art which covers all areas of a Violent Encounter.


You can be the greatest Fighter or Martial Arts Practitioner in the World, but if you can’t transmit the knowledge to a student you are “WORTHLESS” as a teacher!!

The method of learning and training TRITAC has been seriousely though out and developed.
We DO NOT come to class and teach whatever we want!
Every step of your training has been perfectly planned out.
We have a proven roadmap and route to take you from knowing nothing, to being skilled.

Every Grade is another piece of the puzzle.
All of them help to develop the complete puzzle of violent altercations.

The TRITAC Training Methodology is as follows:

  • Learn the technique
  • Train the technique
  • Pressure test the technique with stress innoculation
  • Connect the technique to your previous learned material


If your looking for a teacher to bow to and worship like a God, then you are in the wrong place.

We train like Warriors and treat everyone like Warriors .

TRITAC does not foster a subservient or cult like attitude. It trains Men to THINK, ACT and PERFORM on their own.

Instructors John Leabo & Mike Simon insist on being called by their first names (not Grand Master, Sifu or any other Non-Sense) that is more about stroking the Instructors ego then is about Training.

This is a healthy Martial Art based on each individuals personal performance (not a competition on who’s better then who).  The only thing we compare is “You to your former self before training”, not to others.

Your training Tribe are part of the recipe to help sharpen and hone your skills, you don’t “compete” against them, you work together for the common good. There are no cliques, meat-heads or … dicks in TRITAC.  We circle up as a brotherhood before and after class with no one more important then anyone else “including the Instructors”.

Everyone is welcome and everyone is treated equally.