Multiple Attackers Self-Defense Training Drill: TRITAC

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In this TRITAC Martial Arts Self-Defense Training Video – Matt Bryers will go over some of the training drills we use to train to fight against multiple attackers.

In the world we live in, Multiple Opponents are a common scenario is a reality-based self-defense situation. Rarely will you only fight one opponent – in reality – you may have to defend against multiple attackers trying to take your head off!

We have a little fun in this multiple attacker self-defense training drill. It’s important to remain creative and dynamic when defending against multiple opponents. You don’t want to fall into a regimented pattern of self-defense techniques. Your self-defense training needs to always be varied and account for multiple attackers and self-defense scenarios.

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Top 3 Muay Thai Tips for Self-Defense

Paul “The Reaper” Banasiak of visits the Jiu-Jitsu and Strength Academy in Cromwell, CT ( to share his TOP 3 Muay Thai Fighting Techniques and Tips for Self-Defense.

These Self-Defense Tips are great fighting techniques for beginners and advanced self-defense.

Paul is a Professional Muay Thai Fighter and Thai Boxing Coach out of Thorton Martial Arts.

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“TOP 3 Headbutts for Self-Defense… Dirty Fighting”

How to Defend Against & Destroy Punches – TRITAC Instructor Course

Learn how to defend against punches and attacks in a street fight or reality-based combat situation. Use the Frame Defense to Defend Against Haymaker Punches, Sucker Punches or Straight Punches.

Using the Frame Defense will teach you how to defend and destroy punches.

John Leabo breaks down the fundamentals and history of “Framing” in the TRITAC-Unarmed System at our Instructors Training Camp on May 13-15 at Soul Fighters: TRITAC-Martial Arts in Lynbrook NY.


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“TOP 3 Headbutts for Self-Defense… Dirty Fighting”

POWERFUL KI Blasts – Self-Defense Training Drills

Free CHI Blast Self-Defense Course 🙂

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use KI BLAST for Self-Defense? Powerful Ki Blasts in Martial Arts are a VERY scary weapon in martial arts. Please be careful when training KI BLASTS with your partners 🙂


What’s REALLY in this Martial Arts Video?

Matt Bryers from TRITAC-Jitsu and TRITAC-Unarmed goes over some of concepts and techniques found in our TRITAC Martial Arts System called “Framing”. Framing is a great basics self-defense technique to use against multiple attackers.

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And Remember: CHI BLASTS are the Ultimate Self-Defense Weapon.

Top 3 Headbutts for Self-Defense – Dirty Fighting Techniques

Learn How to Headbutt with the Top 3 Headbutts for Self-defense and Street Fights. Headbutts are brutal, nasty and fight ending. You smash a dude in the temple, jaw, eye-socket… he’s taking a nap or worse.

Matt Bryers from TRITAC-Jitsu shares his love for headbutts for self-defense and reality-based combat