Self-Defense Punches & Elbows Mitt Drill: TRITAC-Unarmed

Mike Simon from TRITAC-Unarmed demonstrates a self-defense drill using self-defense punches and combat elbows.

This self-defense mitt drill comes from our TRITAC-Unarmed Self-Defense / Combat Martial Arts System.

The self defense elbows in this mitt drill are called: FRAMES.

Frames come from the influence of Keysi Fighting Method and Defence Lab.

Frames are both defensive and offensive “tools” in the TRITAC Martial Arts Systems.

The TRITAC Frames are used to defend against a variety of attacks such as punches, grabs, kicks, knees, etc; but also used to destroy the attack and respond instinctually and naturally.

The effective use of TRITAC Frames can dramatically change the fight.

TRITAC Frames come from the influence of Keysi Fighting Method.

The Keysi Fighting Method or sometimes called KFM was a self-defense system that was made famous in the Batman movies with Christian Bale.

Keysi Fighting Method was created by Justo Dieguez and Andy Norman. KFM or Keysi was known close quarters self defense techniques and using a double arm cover over its head which was known as The Pensador.

Keysi Fighting Method split and Andy Norman Founded Defence Lab, and Justo founded Keysi.

Defence Lab calls their frames: “Defence Lab Shapes”. You will hear Defence Lab reference “Shape-Shifting” compared to TRITAC Frame Flowing.

For more self-defense punches, elbows, frames and techniques related to Keysi Fighting Method, check out:

Free TRITAC Training:

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