Self-Defense: Ground & Pound Technique: TRITAC-Unarmed

TRITAC-Unarmed Co-Founder John Leabo goes over the details of fighting in the top BJJ Closed Guard position and using Ground and Pound (MMA) with Hammer Fists, Punches, and Elbows.

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How to Counter Cheap Shot: Slip Counter Punch Drill

Learn how to defend against the cheap shot sucker punch by not being there! In this TRITAC-Unarmed Punch Defense Drill, John Leabo and Mike Simon show you how to defend against the sucker punch with a rear slip and then respond with your counter punching.

This is a great drill to develop the fighting skills to defend against a punch, and also learn how to counter punch.

Use the Rear Slip technique from Boxing, Muay Thai, etc to defend and counter punch with a Jab Cross.

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How to Defend Against & Destroy Punches – TRITAC Instructor Course

Learn how to defend against punches and attacks in a street fight or reality-based combat situation. Use the Frame Defense to Defend Against Haymaker Punches, Sucker Punches or Straight Punches.

Using the Frame Defense will teach you how to defend and destroy punches.

John Leabo breaks down the fundamentals and history of “Framing” in the TRITAC-Unarmed System at our Instructors Training Camp on May 13-15 at Soul Fighters: TRITAC-Martial Arts in Lynbrook NY.