POWERFUL Hammer Fist Strikes: TRITAC Martial Arts Training

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The Hammer Fist is one of the most powerful weapons for self defense in martial arts – yet it highly underutilized because not many people train hammer fist strikes in martial arts for real self defense.

In this Martial Arts Training Video, Mike Simon, co-founder of TRITAC Martial Arts shows how to use the descending hammer fist strike to knock out your opponent with a hammer fist, or use the hammer fist to setup TRITAC Frames / Elbows.

This TRITAC Martial Arts Training Drill for Hammer Fist Strikes also can be used as a multiple opponent self-defense. The Hammer fist can become a powerful self defense weapon. Also, if you put a self-defense weapon such as a pen, cell-phone, bottle, or any impact weapon; the hammer strike also can be used with a self-defense weapon in your hand.

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