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BJJ Closed Guard Basics: TRITAC-Jitsu Lesson Preview

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In our TRITAC-Jitsu Classes this week; we’ll be focusing on THE BJJ GUARD! I know, I know – WHY are we going to the ground for self-defense?

Well, the guard is one of the MOST important concepts in Jiu-Jitsu and a very powerful position to fight from.

Video Breakdown:

00:00 – Importance of the BJJ Guard and implications for self-defense
00:50 – Types of Guards we’ll be working on: Closed Guard, Scissor Guard, and Half Guard
01:29 – How to Pull Closed Guard for Training and WHY you would pull guard for self-defense
02:56 – How to NOT Pull Guard and important concepts of how to pull guard
3:30 – How to Pull Guard from Standing Technique
4:05 – Push – Pull Concept of Playing BJJ Self-Defense Guard
5:01 – How to do the Omoplata from Closed Guard Overview
6:00 – Punch Defense from Closed Guard to Overhook Control
6:30 – Side Closed Guard Attacking Submissions and Omoplata Series
7:44 – Scissor Guard sweeps and Omoplata from Cross-Guard or Scissor Guard
8:15 – Importance of Fundamental or Basic Jiu-Jitsu Guard Game for Self-Defense and Competition BJJ
8:34 – Closed Guard Overhook Control Points & Details
10:28 – Set the overhook and move / escape your hips to get sweeps and submissions from Closed Guard
11:17 – How to move the head and body “offline” to setup overhook control for Omoplata, Jiu-Jitsu Submissions and guard sweeps. Learn to use pain compliance and self-defense strikes to move the head.
12:17 – How to defend against a strong opponent in guard?
12:22 – Jiu-Jitsu is a game of inches. Create and dominate space in Jiu-Jitsu
12:53 – What makes the best BJJ Black Belts SOOO Good?

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W2 Combat Flow Lesson Preview: TRITAC-Jitsu

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TRITAC-Jitsu Weekly Lesson Preview.

Video Breakdown:

00:00 – Lesson Introduction
00:25 – W2 Entrance Overview
00:56 – Arm Drag Application
01:14 – Open Hand Parry Application
01:37 – Hammer Strike Application
01:57 – Lesson Review
02:29 – W2 – Tani Otoshi Highlight
02:51 – W2 – Rear Naked Choke Highlight
03:01 – 2 Variations of Rear Naked Choke
03:44 – Nasty Follow-up Cross Punch from Collar Grip
03:53 – W2 – Kosoto Gake Attempt
03:58 – Weird Groin Injury Footage


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In this week of our TRITAC-Jitsu Classes we will be working on:

W2 Entrance:

W2 Stands for W=WHITE 2… the second entrance on the TRITAC-Jitsu White to Blue Curriculum.

The technical application if W2 is the “kill the lead” with an internal hammer strike (similar to a boxing parry) and the an external hammer to the create a “doorway” the back control.

BJJ & Grappling Application of W2, the Arm-Drag. You will drill and learn how to apply and move with the arm-drag to the back.

W2 Entrance Open Hands – learn to clear the arm from a reach or grab

W2 Hammer Entrance – how use hammer strikes to kill the lead and enter into back control.

From these entrances we will work on:

– Tani-Otoshi takedown
– Standing Rear-Naked Choke (x2 Applications)
– Straight Arm-Lock
– and more.


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W1 – Ogoshi & Kesa Nage – Standing Armlock: TRITAC-Jitsu Lesson Highlight

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Lesson Overview:

W1 – Gorilla Grip Smash Entrance to Side Clinch, Underhook Control or Head Lock Control

Ogoshi – Big Hip Throw from the side clinch position found in Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Judo.

Kesa Nage – Big Hip throw from the underhook position

Standing Armlock – Arm break or arm submission from standing knee on belly

Armbar Escape – Defend and Escape the armbar.

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