4 Ways to Sukui Nage: Jiu-Jitsu Throw & Self Defense Takedown

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In this Jiu-Jitsu Takedown Video we will review 4 ways to use the Suki Nage Combat Jiu-Jitsu Throw.

The Jiu-Jitsu Throw or Japanese Jujitsu Throw called: Sukui Nage aka Scooping throw; is a cool concept to attack the body using our TRITAC Frames and BLAST your opponent down. The Suki Nage blast application of this Self Defense Throw is a great way to create distance in a self defense situation or can be used to in jiu-jitsu to takedown your opponent during sparring.

In this Jiu-Jitsu Throw Lesson, we will work on 4 separate combat entries to the Suki Nage Combat Takedown.

Combat Jiu-Jitsu Entry #1: Jab Cross – Walk Thru to Suki Nage Takedown.
This takedown is creative jiu-jitsu throw that many advanced TRITAC-Jitsu students now use during sparring.

Combat Jiu-Jitsu Entry #2: Grab and Punch Defense to Suki Nage Throw
The next application of the jiu-jitsu throw Suki Nage, you will learn to defend against an opponent grabbing and punching, and then use the self-defense entry to the suki nage throw.

Combat Jiu-Jitsu Entry #3: Double Collar Grab Self-Defense Throw
In this jiu-jitsu self-defense takedown, Sean Jugler uses TRITAC Frames to clear the arms and enter into the Suki Nage

Combat Jiu-Jitsu Entry #4: Rear Bear Hug Self Defense throws.
Self Defense against a rear grab or rear bear hug is difficult. Sean Jugler breaks down how to use your hips to create a lot of power for Jiu-Jitsu throws, especially the Suki Nage Takedown.

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Free TRITAC Training: https://soulfighterstraining.com

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