Aiki-Jitsu Street Combat: Wrist Lock from Wrestling Control

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Aiki-Jitsu is a form of Japanese Jujitsu that is one of the major martial art influences in TRITAC-Jitsu.

The concepts of Aiki-jitsu – using small joint manipulation, for example: Aiki jitsu wrist locks; are great. But the problem with Aiki jitsu is the ability to actually get the aikijtsu techniques in a real self-defense or street combat situations.

Kote gaeshi or reversed wrist lock the street, is a very popular aikido / aiki jitsu technique in Japanese Martial Arts. At first the kote gaeshi looks easy, but its very hard to use the Kote Gaeshi for the street or in a aiki jitsu self defense situation.

Matt Bryers from TRITAC-Jitsu shows you how to use Aiki-Jitsu Techniques, particularly the Kote Gaeshi self defense technique or Wrist Lock for the street from a wrestling control called the wrestling Russian or 2 on 1 control.

To see more Aiki Jitsu techniques, including the Kote Gaeshi, check out the….

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