How to Defeat STRONG Grips – Shirt Grab Defense Technique

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Learn How to Defeat a VERY Strong Shirt Grab in a Self Defense Situation with TRITAC.

John Leabo: Co-Founder of TRITAC demonstrates the concepts of how to defend against an attacker who has a very strong grip. This Shirt Grab Defense Techniques focuses on diverting the focus of your attacker by using strikes and TRITAC Frames to hit your opponents head, and then defend against the shirt grab.

TRITAC focuses a lot of shirt grab or lapel grab defense in a reality-based self defense situation. Our white belt curriculum in TRITAC-Unarmed and TRITAC-Jitsu focus on defending throat grabs, collar grabs, and shirt grabs.

The grab self-defense techniques all use the same concepts, it’s just the attack that varies.

To learn more about TRITAC, and other grab self-defense videos, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Check out a FREE TRITAC Intro Course that also includes two handed grab defense techniques and other self defense techniques.

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