Top 4 Basic Jiu-Jitsu Guards [Self-Defense & Sport]

Learn the Top 4 Basic Jiu-Jitsu Guard for Self-Defense and/or Sport BJJ

Top 4 Basic Jiu-Jitsu Guard Video Breakdown

00:00 – Intro to the 4 Basic Jiu-Jitsu Guards and why you should develop a good BJJ guard for self-defense, BJJ competition, and/or Sport-Based Jiu-Jitsu

01:05 – Closed Guard Fundamentals and how to pull closed guard from the knees. Learn why you might start on your knees.

01:45 – Essential Grips for getting the Jiu-Jitsu Closed Guard. Importance of the cross grip and footwork of getting into the Basic Jiu-Jitsu Guard

02:30 – Basic Jiu-Jitsu Grip Control for Closed Guard to breakdown posture and setup Basic Jiu-Jitsu Guard Sweeps and Submissions. Reviewing the basic grip control patterns for controlling the basic closed guard.

03:17 – Understaning the objective and goal of being in closed guard. Learn why the closed guard or any jiu-jitsu guard can be more effective on the bottom, compared to the guy on top.

03:57 – Defending the Closed Guard Jiu-Jitsu Pass and your opponent opening the closed guard. Using your legs and grip control to defend the guard pass.

05:05 – Scissor Guard fundamentals and how to transition from closed guard to scissor guard. Learn how to drive the knee shield in to control posture and open up sweep opportunities

05:44 – How to defend against the scissor guard or open guard pass using guard grip control and foot position.

06:37 – How to get the knee shield half guard from scissor guard / open guard. Understanding how to trap one leg and then use the knee shield to defend the guard pass

07:22 – Knee Shield Half Guard Basics – how to use the knee shield to defend guard passes and attack jiu-jitsu sweeps, submissions or tranisitions

07:45 – Grip Control for Knee Shield Half Guard and use “frame control” to keep the structure of your half guard

09:03 – Basic Knee Shield Half Guard Passing strategies and basic jiu-jitsu concepts to defend the smash pass or clearn through the middle pass

09:51 – Importance of having a dynamic knee for the knee shield half guard. Learn how to counter your opponents guard passing attempts to control and setup attacks.

10:15 – Control, Shut-down and Attack Principle for the Jiu-Jitsu Guard Basics

10:43 – 2 ways of applying the “knee” in the knee shield half guard. Dynamic knee or locked into the hip. First learn how to drive the knee into the hip to control and lock down your opponent’s ability to move in half guard.

11:50 – Using a dynamic knee principle to off-balance your opponent in the half guard

12:08 – Overall Jiu-Jitsu Basic Guard Development and the importance of developing your own ability to use a jiu-jitsu guard the “fits you”

12:34 – Open Jiu-Jitsu Guard / Opponent Standing – Common mistakes and guard movement to not get your guard passed

13:05 – Best position to be in when your opponent is standing and you have no guard control or grips

13:42 – Importance of creating space when you’re on the ground and how to get into open guard or basic techniques on how to get back to your feet when you’re on the ground.

14:18 – Quick review on how to pull close guard standing, to see a more detailed video, go here:

14:32 – Basic Position for Open Guard Control and Defense

14:51 – Open Guard – Opponent Standing – Grip Control and foot / hip contorl & movement

15:50 – Self-Defense applications of the basic jiu-jitsu open guard

16:17 – Variety of sweeps and submissions for the open guard

16:75 – Importance of establishing your first grip

17:14 – Punch Defense and Self-Defense Applications in the jiu-jitsu guard

17:36 – Overall Basic Guard Development – shutting down and disabling sides of your opponent’s body.

18:15 – Tips for Basic Jiu-Jitsu Guard Concepts. They are the foundation of fighting from the jiu-jitsu guard.


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