TRITAC-Jitsu Wrestling Takedowns – Smash. Enter. Ankle Pick.

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TRITAC-Jitsu, at the Blue Belt Level, uses a lot of Combat Wrestling Takedowns and Wrestling Techniques for Self Defense. Wrestling is one of the overall best martial arts for takedowns, and takedown defense.

But – when dealing with a Self Defense situation, the ability to use wrestling takedowns for Self Defense or combat relies heavily upon the Entry.

This TRITAC Lesson video utilizes TRITAC Frames to enter into combat wrestling or combat jiu-jitsu range, and then use the Muay Thai Clinch to throws knees and elbows.

From there, you will learn how to setup the Front Headlock in Wrestling and finish with 2 ankle picks. The Wrestling Front Headlock is a powerful wrestling control position that allows you to move your opponent with ease and then hit the ankle pick.

The Front Headlock to Ankle Pick can be used in any combat situation. It is a great self defense technique, or hand to hand combat technique, but is also seen used in MMA Fights.

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