x4 Wrestling Takedowns & Half Guard Sweeps: TRITAC Combat Guard

In this TRITAC Combat Guard Series – we will show you 4 Wrestling takedowns and half guard sweeps from the TRITAC Combat Guard.

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In TRITAC, we think about fighting from the guard a bit differently. The ground is a consequence. That’s why we use a lot of wrestling attacks and takedowns from the guard.

We do not like being clued to our opponents in the Jiu-Jitsu guard, we always look to create space, technical stand-up and use wrestling takedowns and Jiu-Jitsu throws to fight.

Develop a TRITAC “Combat Guard” with the first ground flow series in TRITAC-Jitsu: Scissor Guard Sweep Series.

Whether you’re learning Jiu-Jitsu for Self-Defense or BJJ for competition or just to train jiu-jitsu; you need to develop a good Jiu-Jitsu Guard.

In TRITAC-Jitsu, our focus in Combat Jiu-Jitsu. Our Jiu-Jitsu techniques need to work regardless if I am in a jiu-jitsu for self-defense situation, or I am just BJJ training, rolling or competing.

We call this our Jiu-Jitsu Combat Guard. BJJ is known for the ability to fight off your back and use the guard to sweep and submit your opponent.

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