Self-Defense Techniques: Arm Drags, Chokes & Breaks

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In this self defense technique, Matt Bryers from TRITAC-Jitsu shows you how to enter into grappling range in a self-defense situation or real street fight. Using this self-defense technique to enter in, you will then learn:

– How to defend against a punch and get your opponents back for a takedown or throw.
– Self-Defense Techniques to break the arm either standing or on the ground.
– Self Defense Chokes and neck cranks after you enter in.

The “entrance” self-defense technique is called W2 in TRITAC-Jitsu. W refers to White Belt, and 2 is the second entrance in our TRITAC-Jitsu Curriculum.

W2 uses and internal hammer / external hammer strike to enter in. Hammer strikes are very effective techniques to use in any self-defense situation or real fight. The hammer strikes can also mirror a weapon – which is vital if the situation escalates itself and your punch self-defense now need to be weapons self-defense techniques.

To see more self defense techniques by TRITAC; check out our Free TRITAC Intro Course here:

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