Multiple Attackers Self-Defense Training Drill: TRITAC

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In this TRITAC Martial Arts Self-Defense Training Video – Matt Bryers will go over some of the training drills we use to train to fight against multiple attackers.

In the world we live in, Multiple Opponents are a common scenario is a reality-based self-defense situation. Rarely will you only fight one opponent – in reality – you may have to defend against multiple attackers trying to take your head off!

We have a little fun in this multiple attacker self-defense training drill. It’s important to remain creative and dynamic when defending against multiple opponents. You don’t want to fall into a regimented pattern of self-defense techniques. Your self-defense training needs to always be varied and account for multiple attackers and self-defense scenarios.

For more TRITAC Multiple Attackers Self-Defense, check out our free TRITAC Intro Course here:

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