TRITAC Combat MMA Lesson #51: MMA Flow & Stress Test

Free TRITAC Combat MMA Training Course:
In this TRITAC Combat MMA Lesson (#51) students will be working their training flow they have been working on all class, and then up the intensity of the flow by challenging each other and switching in multiple opponents.

Class Concepts:

Striking Movement:

– Same Week 1
– Quarter Turns

Striking Skills:

– Int Hammer / Ext Hammer
– Hammer Drill
– Jab Defense Internal Hammer

Striking Flow:

– A: Jab
– B: Int Hammer (kill the lead)
– B: Ext Hammer (head or neck)
– A: Frame Close


Grappling Movement:

– Same Week 1
– Backward Roll

Ground Skills:

– Combat Guard Concept
– Combat Guard Tripod Sweep
– Standing Footlock

Grappling Skills:

– Arm Drag
– Kouchi Gari
– Standing in Guard

Grappling Flow:

– A: Arm Drag – Kouchi Gari
– A: Stand in Guard
– B: Recover Grounded Combat Guard
– B: Combat Guard – Tripod Sweep
– B: Standing Leg Lock / Turkey Shredder

MMA Flow:

– A: Jab Attack
– B: Int / Ext Hammer – Kouchi Gari
– B: Stand in Guard
– A: Recover Grounded Combat Guard
– A: Combat Guard – Tripod Sweep
– A: Standing Leg Lock / Turkey Shredder

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