TRITAC Combat MMA Lesson #51: Punch Defense – Leg Trip – Footlock

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Learn how to defend against a punch attack by using internal hammer and external hammer strikes to enter in, change your level, and attack the legs.

Here is the full lesson and skill-set breakdown:

Striking Movement:

– Same Week 1
– Quarter Turns

Striking Skills:

– Int Hammer / Ext Hammer
– Hammer Drill
– Jab Defense Internal Hammer

Striking Flow:

– A: Jab
– B: Int Hammer (kill the lead)
– B: Ext Hammer (head or neck)
– A: Frame Close


Grappling Movement:

– Shrimp to Technical Stand-up
– S-Leg Movement
– Back Fall
– Forward Roll

Ground Skills:

– Combat Guard Concept
– Tripod Sweep

Grappling Skills:

– Arm Drag
– Kouchi Gari

Grappling Flow:

– A: Arm Drag – Kouchi Gari
– B: Shrimp Escape to Combat Guard
– B: Combat Guard Tripod Sweep
– A: Technical Stand-up

MMA Flow:

– A: Jab Attack
– B: Int / Ext Hammer – Kouchi Gari
– A: Shrimp Escape to Closed Guard
– A: Combat Guard Tripod Sweep
– A: Standing Footlock

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