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Free Self Defense Techniques with TRITAC Intro Course:

Designed for “anything goes” street violence, TRITAC-Unarmed is a hand-to-hand combatives program that will prepare you for the unexpected.

The TRITAC Fence is your base layer of self-defense techniques. It allows you to keep your range in reality based combat, and allows you to easily transition into more dynamic fighting techniques.

TRITAC-Unarmed teaches the vital self defense techniques and martial arts tactics necessary for street self-defense situations, allowing you to respond accordingly to multiple opponents or opponents with weapons should a situation ever arise. As we all know, it’s ALWAYS better to be prepared for whatever life throws at us!

Find More TRITAC-Unarmed techniques and tips here:

Our TRITAC-Unarmed program flows seamlessly into our TRITAC-Jitsu program. Find more information and techniques of our TRITAC-Jitsu system here:

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