TRITAC “Split” Frame Flow: Punch Defense to Attacking Frames

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TRITAC Frames are a unique self-defense and attacking martial arts technique utilizing elbows and a high-guard to defend against common street attacks such as punches, grabs, kicks, headbutts… etc.

In this TRITAC Flow Lesson, you will learn how to defend against straight punches such as the jab or cross, or wide punches such as the sucker punch or hook punch.

The Split Frame is when your hands are not connected as you would commonly see in “Frame 1”. This allows you to have a much more dynamic method of defending against punches or grab self defense.

John Leabo and Mike Simon: Co-Founders of TRITAC Martial Arts breakdown how to use the split-frame defense… similar to a boxers parry defend against a jab or cross defense.

From this Split-Frame Defence – John Leabo shows how to enter in using hammer strikes and then to attack your opponent with a “Frame Flow” from Frame 1 to Frame 2.

TRITAC Frames and the Split Frame Concepts come from the influence of Keysi Fighting Method and Defence Lab.

Andy Norman from Defence Lab uses the split-frame in a lot of his Defence Lab Techniques for self defense. Andy Norman and the Defence Lab Crew just started a new online university for learning the Defence Lab: DNA Fight Science System.
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Keysi Fighting Method or sometimes called KFM was a system of self defense and hand to hand combat. Keysi Fighting Method was created by Andy Norman and Justo Dieguez. KFM was known close quarters combat techniques and using a double arm cover over its head which was known as The Pensador.

John Leabo and Mike Simon are both Black Belts in Keysi Fighting Method and Defence Lab; and it is important to them that they always give credit to where they learned certain martial arts techniques and concepts.

Together, along with other partners, they formed TRITAC Martial Arts and is offered through Soul Fighters Academy.

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